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Nz Smart Services is a leading high tech company offering express repairs of smartphones, tablets, computers, ipads and laptops.
The concept of Nz Smart Services was born out of the clear need in the marketplace for a trusted and specialist solution for those looking for quality tech repairs.

Why Buyers trust us

Our Strategy Is To Provide Our Customers With Quality Products

Nz Smart Services specialises in repairing smartphones, tablets , laptops & computers etc including iPhone, iPad and Samsung and we pride ourselves on while you wait turnaround times, a Lifetime warranty and guaranteeing the security of your private data. Our highly trained and accredited tech repair specialists can fix the most common device faults within 30 minutes.
We can replace your screen, fix camera issues or offer a new battery replacement service. We also offer liquid damage repair, logic board repair and data recovery. Not sure what’s wrong? Our technicians can run a diagnosis too.
With over 100,000 happy customers served to date, we have established ourselves as the leading tech repair specialists.