Refurbished Phones

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What is a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished phones are devices that have previously been owned by someone else. However, unlike second hand phones sold by individuals, these phones go through thorough checks and are tested and restored to good working order before being sold. NZ Smart Services offers the Best Refurbished Phones in Onehunga, which are high-quality and affordable.

Refurbished Phones are usually classified into different quality grades, depending on their cosmetic condition and usage before being sold. The cosmetic condition is mainly dependent on 3 factors.

So, when you Buy Refurbished Phones in Onehunga, it is important to pay attention to the grade in which the product falls. This will give you an idea on what to expect from the product in terms of its condition and usage. The price of the device will also be dependent on the grading classification. 

Cosmetic Imperfections

The number of cosmetic imperfections they may have (scratches, dents, and other marks).


Does it come in the box with or without accessories?

How Old

How long the product has been used by its previous owner.

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How to choose the Best Refurbished Phones in Onehunga

Refurbished phones are classified into 3 grades, that is A, B, and C. This grading system will help you choose which phone is the best for you and what to expect. Here is how the grading system works.